Latest Vaccination information

Flu vaccines are available now.

Free for:

  • Over 65 year olds
  • Maori and Pacific peoples aged 55-64 years
  • Children 6 months - 12 years
  • People under 65 years old with specific chronic conditions
  • In pregnancy

For all other people who wish to be vaccinated there is a cost of $32. Please call 03 348 5749 to book an appointment.



Bexsero vaccination (for Meningococcal B) has been added to the routine childhood vaccination schedule. There will be catch-up vaccinations in the under 5-year-old age group.

Bexsero is also funded for people aged 13 to 25 years who are entering, or in specified close-living situations eg boarding schools or halls of residence.

Menactra vaccination (for Meningococcal A, C, Y & W) is available for adolescents and young adults who are entering within the next 3 months, or in their first year of living in close-living situations.

Both vaccinations can be self-funded. Please contact the nurses for more information.

For more information click here


Covid Vaccinations

For all of the information about getting a Covid 19 vaccine click here. We are no longer offering COVID vaccinations. To book a Covid vaccination click here.

MMR Vaccinations

MMR vaccines are available and free to anyone aged between 15-30 years who are unsure of their vaccination history. Please phone reception at 03 348 5749 to book an appointment. To find out more about MMR please click here.


Protect yourself and others from HPV. Immunisation is free for anyone between the ages of 9-26 years. Please phone reception 03 348 5749 to book an appointment. To find out more about HPV click the link here.

Boostrix Vaccinations

Boostrix is available for pregnant women and their family members to protect against whooping cough. Free in all pregnancies. Cost applies to others. Please call 03 348 5749 to book an appointment.

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